2001, GJ-Class Sloops, 18’

The Grimstadjolle (or GJ-Class) sloops were designed by Samuel O. Berge in 1943 as a Junior Class racing yacht. Built to class specifications by various Norwegian boat manufacturing concerns the class grew to about 200 boats in the mid to late 1950s. Interest in the class waned in the 1960s and 1970s with many of the boats falling out of use and into disrepair but in more recent years a resurgence of interest in classic yacht design, construction and racing has brought the GJ sloops out of retirement with many boats being restored and actively raced.

Along with restorations this new interest in the class has resulted in new boats being built and adding to the fleets. GJ-219 / USA-1 and GJ220 / USA 2 are two fine examples of this new era of GJ-Class Sloops.Built by the Norwegian Wooden Boat Company in 2001 GJ-219 / USA 1 has been very lightly used as a show boat and for test sails in Wooden Boat Shows around the USA. Also offered for sale is GJ-220 / USA 2 also built in 2001, never sailed and in new boat condition.

Principle Dimensions and Information
Designer: Samuel O. Berge
Builder: Norwegian Wooden Boat Company
Year Built: 2001
Construction Material: Wood
LOA: 18’ 6”
Beam: 4’ 11”
Draft: 2’ 10 ½”
Displacement: 1,070 lbs.
Ballast: 375 lbs. Steel
Sail Area: 107.6 sq. ft.
Asking Price GJ-219 / USA 1: $15,500
Asking Price GJ-220 / USA 1: $27,500
Location: Brooklin, Maine