Joel White designed the Haven Class boats as a centerboard version of the Nathanial Herreshoff designed 12 ½ sloop, one of which (SHADOW) he had owned for nearly a half century.

Because Joel so respected the original 12 ½ design he set out to make the Haven Class boats perform exactly like their predecessor. With a smidge  more beam and slightly filed-out bilges the stability numbers for the Haven Class are almost identical to the Herreshoff 12 ½’s and with the wetted surface and sail areas also being equal to their inspiration it’s no surprise that along with keeping the classic Herreshoff esthetic the same sailing qualities came along for the ride.

The chief advantage of the Haven Class sloops is of course the shallow draft allowing the boats to float in just a foot and a half of water. This opens quite a bit more acreage for skinny water sailing and allows for easy launching and hauling from a trailer. This “trailerability” vastly increases sailing opportunities as it’s easy to move the boat from one sailing venue to the next adventure either as dictated by the seasons or by the whim of the skipper.

Built by the Landing School in 2007, JOSEPHINE TWO is a fine example of the Haven Class Sloops that has seen little use but lots of tender loving care and is in near new condition.



Joel White
Builder The Landing School
Year Built 2007
LOA 16’ 0”
LWL 12’ 6”
Beam 6’ 1”
Draft 1’ 6” / 3’ 4”
Displacement 1400 lbs.
Sail Area 1400 sq. ft.
Rig Type Gaff-rigged Sloop
Location  Brooklin Maine
Asking Price $25000