2003, Eric Dow, Cold-Molded, Haven 12 ½ Sloop with 2003, Triad Trailer

Location: Brooklin Boat Yard

Joel White designed the Haven sloop as a centerboard version of the famous Herreshoff 12 ½ footers, one of which he’d owned for nearly half a century. Because he so respected the original design, he set out to make the Haven sloop perform exactly as the inspiration by Herreshoff. With a little more beam and slightly filled-out bilges Joel’s design produced identical stability numbers. Wetted surfaceremained the same and the gaff-rigged sail plan being identical to the Herreshoff model it came as no surprise to anyone that Joel accomplished what he set out to do while paying homage to the original design.

Here in Brooklin (Maine) the Center Harbor Yacht Club intermingles Havens and Herreshoffs (both Gaff and Marconi rig configurations) on the race course with no handicap rating difference. In the end it comes down to who is the best sailor on any given day with Havens, Herreshoffs, Gaffs and Marconi’s all getting their fair share of silver.

Of course the chief advantage of the Haven over the Herreshoff is the shallow draft. A Haven will float in only a foot and a half whereas the Herreshoff requires an additional foot of water to stay off the bottom. The shallow draft opens up a wider “skinny water” sailing area for exploration, makes it easier to step ashore on some secluded beach and makes the boat much more trailer friendly for launching and hauling.

Crafted by Eric Dow’s Boat Shop (Brooklin, Maine) in 2003, MISS BAXTER has been built using modern cold-molded / wood-epoxy construction techniques. This means of construction is an advantage to the Haven owner in that it allows the boat to be stored for long periods of time with no planking shrinkage, longer periods between hull repainting, no fasteners to worry about and fewer frames resulting in cleaner / less obstructed bilges.

MISS BAXTER is in near new condition. Because of her location in storage here at Brooklin Boat Yard good photos of the boat are not currently available. Potential buyers are encouraged to come and see the boat for a firsthand look.

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Principle Dimensions and Information

Designer: Joel White / Brooklin Boat Yard

Builder: Eric Dow / Eric Dow Boat Shop

Construction Type: Cold-molded, wood-epoxy hull construction

LOA: 16’ 0”

LWL: 12’ 6”

Beam: 6’ 1”

Draft (minimum): 1’ 6”

Draft (maximum): 3’ 4”

Ballast: 585 lbs. lead

Displacement: 1,400 lbs.

Sail Area: 133 sq. ft.