Yard Rates


We are pleased to provide our customers with estimates for any job. Should unanticipated work appear to be necessary, you will be advised at once and the estimate revised.

Insurance Coverage

Brooklin Boat Yard will not be held responsible for loss due to fire, theft, vandalism or the elements. Boats in our care are insured against loss, only if it is found to have been caused by our negligence. We require that all storage customers carry liability insurance on their hull during the off season months.

Payment Terms

Full payment is expected within 30 days of our invoice date. A 1.5% finance charge per month will be charged on all overdue accounts.

Storage Policy

Storage rates are determined by the square foot (LOD x BEAM) of the hull. Bowsprits & Boomkins are at one half their lengths. Rates include hauling and launching, one pressure washing of the bottom and moves in and out of storage areas. Charges for cradle maintenance and commissioning / decommissioning are NOT included. All dinghies MUST have identification. We charge an Environmental Fee of 2% of materials invoice amount.

Mooring Policy

Moorings are inspected every year. Additional charges may apply for maintenance. We will determine the safety of all moorings in our care.

Rate Changes

The yard rates for Labor, Storage, Moorings and Equipment Usage are subject to change. For up-to-date rates, please feel free to call Brooklin Boat Yard at 207-359-2236.

Labor Rates


  • Sand, Paint and Varnish: $60.00/hr
  • Awlgrip: $66.00/hr
  • Cleaning: $48.00/hr
  • Carpentry, Fiberglass and Rigging: $62.00/hr
  • Electrical and Electronics: $66.00/hr
  • Mechanical and Refrigeration: $66.00/hr
  • Machine Shop and Fabrication: $66.00/hr
  • Yard: $60.00/hr
  • Winter Storage: October through May
    • Inside Heated: $11.25 per square foot
    • Inside Unheated: $8.25 per square foot
    • Outside: $6.75 per square foot
  • Covered Mast Storage: $3.25 per linear foot ($2.50 for storage customers)
  • Dinghy Storage: $250.00 annual charge (includes haul, wash, store, launch)
  • Outboard Engine Storage: $75.00 annual charge (includes flushing, fogging, store)
  • Battery Storage (off boat): $20.00 annual charge
  • Summer Storage: June through September — 25% of winter storage fees
  • Dockage Fees: $3.00 per foot per day

Storage Policy

  • Storage rates are determined by square footage (LOD x beam) of the hull
  • Bowsprits and boomkins are calculated at half their lengths

Storage Rates Include

  • Hauling and launching
  • Pressure washing bottom
  • Moving in and out of storage areas

Short Term

  • Night: Small $25.00, Large $25.00
  • Week: Small $75.00, Large $150.00
  • Month: Small $175.00, Large $400.00

Seasonal (small: less than 150 lbs. / large: greater than 150 lbs.)

  • Small: $525.00
  • Large $700.00 (for storage customers) / $1000.00 (for non-storage customers)
  • Set and haul  mooring: $150.00

Seasonal Dinghy Dock

  • $300 — With Permission. All dinghies must have identification/owner contact info.

Moorings are inspected every year. Additional charges will apply for maintenance. Brooklin Boat Yard will determine the safety of all moorings in our care.

Equipment Charges

Travel Lift

  • Haul or Launch: $7.00 per foot for storage customers; $9.50 for non-storage


  • One Mast at $75.00
  • Two Masts at $90.00

Hydraulic Trailer

  • $175.00 / move plus labor. 20-ton trailer (local moves only)

Pressure Wash

  • $3.50 per foot / plus labor

Battery Charge

  • $5.00 per charge