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Alerion Class Sloops

Built by Brooklin Boat Yard

Forty years ago, Alfie and Edward Sanford created the Sanford Boat Company to build Alerion Class Sloop, their precise reproduction, in cold-molded wood construction, of Nathanael Herreshoff’s favorite sailboat, Alerion.

In 1912, after 45 years of designing and building the world’s best yachts, Nat Herreshoff designed and built himself the 26-foot ALERION (his third boat of that name). She was the 24th of 29 boats Herreshoff personally owned. Herreshoff was 64 at the time. He sailed ALERION in Bermuda for eight winters, then brought her back to Bristol for summer use, where he sailed her until he could not. As he reports, “In the following fall [1929] I was not reliable on my feet and decided to give up using boats entirely.”

He was then 81. At the end of his life, Herreshoff said of his ALERION, “She was a very satisfactory boat.” High praise from the world’s greatest yacht designer.

Alfie Sanford, says, “In 1977, we created the shoal draft Alerion Class Sloop to be the world’s finest sailboat. We built her for the sailor who wishes to experience, as Herreshoff did, the pure joy of sailing.

Today, 40 years later, she remains the world’s finest sailboat. Now, Brooklin Boat Yard has been chosen by Sanford Boat to be the official builder of the Alerion Class Sloop simply because, in Sanford’s opinion, Brooklin Boat Yard is the world’s best. Brooklin Boat Yard uses 21st-century techniques to accomplish the quality of this early 20th-century design. Now you, too, may experience the glory of sailing as it was then and as it ought to be today.

In 1912 it was Herreshoff’s turn. Now it is your turn. Contact us.

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Alerion Class Sloop Specifications

LOA: 26′ 0″
LWL: 21′ 9″
Beam: 7′ 7″
Draft: 2′ 5″
Disp: 6,100 lbs.
SA: 363 sq ft

Alerion Class Sloops

  • Stay with their owners — half of the existing fleet are either originally owned or have had one owner for more than 30 years
  • Hold their value — 35-year-old boats are selling at 70% of new builds
  • Are easy to maintain — even the oldest boats in Nantucket are in like-new condition
  • Are sailed more often — at considerably less expense than cruising boats