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Brooklin Boat Yard is constructing a new 22-meter yacht designed by Spanish firm Botin Partners. This boat is built of wood, carbon fiber, foam and epoxy composites. In hull shape and sail plan the Botin 22 will be very similar to many of today’s modern racing boats with extended bow sprit, plumb bow, wide beam running well aft, T-bulb (lifting) keel and twin rudders. Unlike today’s stripped-out racing yachts, the Botin 22 will be built with interior accommodations and cruising amenities that will allow her owner, family and guests to cruise the world’s oceans in comfort, style and speed.

Botin Partners is perhaps best known for their work with modern race boat design having been responsible for many of today’s successful box rule racers like TP52s, Class 40s, Volvo 70s, HPR/IRC 44s & IRC 52s. Botin Partners has had equally great success in the world of cruising sailboats with designs that marry high performance with comfort and style such as the Grand Soliel 37, 40, 43, 46 & 50, the Murtic 52 and other custom one-off projects.

Construction on the Botin 22m began in August 2015.