Possibly the most unique yacht ever built at Brooklin Boat Yard, FOGGY is a 74′ German Frers-designed daysailer with styling by the world-renowned architect Frank Gehry.

FOGGY’s construction began in 2013. She was launched in summer 2015. Her unconventional components — including lattice-styled ports in both the hull and deck — required complex and perfecting construction methodology.

FOGGY’s  hull is built with a foam core construction to maximize stiffness and minimize weight. The inner planking is Western Larch running fore and aft (at 0 degrees) covered with uni-directional carbon fiber (at 90 degrees) and infused with WEST epoxy. The outer planking consists of two vacuum-bagged diagonal layers of Western Red cedar (at 45 degrees and 135 degrees), a layer of 3/16” thick Western Larch, and a layer of infused bi-axial carbon fiber. The exterior of the hull is finished bright. The deck was constructed separately from the hull of Western Larch veneers and Okume plywood skins that sandwich the foam core.

The Brooklin Boat Yard shipwrights carefully selected all of the wood for the yacht with regard to size, shape and length. The full complement of materials was custom cut, sawn, kiln-dried and milled all at once to guarantee its uniformity and consistent quality. “The quality of the wood is exceptional,” said Steve White, owner of Brooklin Boat Yard. “The sawyer believed it was the best run of material he had seen in a decade.”

FOGGY’s styling includes intricate patterns of daylights built of carbon-reinforced curved glass that is inset into the sides of the hull and deck. Down below, the daylights illuminate the interior with silhouettes of sunlight. Brooklin Boat Yard’s designers engineered large areas of carbon reinforcement that fit inside the core to accommodate the deck light shapes. The laminated deck frame is a combination of longitudinal and transverse deck beams sinuously shaped in both directions to mimic the window deck light shapes.

FOGGY’s systems include a full navigation system and push-button sail handling with a hydraulic mainsheet system and retractable anchor arm, making her easy to sail with few crew. Powered with a 170-HP Volvo diesel, the yacht also features a bow thruster for easy maneuvering. A 10-kw generator will supply power for her ten 24-volt DC lithium iron phosphate batteries producing 1800 amp-hours of power. She will have a GOST security system, full electronics, and air conditioning. Her mast, standing rigging, boom, rudder and keelframe are all built from carbon.