Planking started today (December 19, 2012) on the 70′ Dieter Empacher sloop SONNY currently under construction here at Brooklin Boat Yard and scheduled for launching late summer early fall of 2013.

This first of 4 layers of planking is 3″ toungue & groove Douglas Fir planking at 5/8″ thickness oriented longitudinally epoxy glued and screwed to the frames. In the days to come this will be followed by 2 layers of 1/4″ Red Cedar veneers oriented at +/- 45 degrees and a final layer of 5/8″ thickness Mahogany running longitudinally. The completed wood hull will then be overlaid with 1208 resin-infused glass cloth.

When completed the hull will be moved out of the Main Shop, turned right-side up and then moved back into the shop where work will begin on systems installation and interior joinery.