December 2017 — Nantucket, MA — Forty years ago, Sanford Boat Company created the 26-foot Alerion Class Sloop, an exquisite reproduction in cold-molded wood construction of Nathanael Herreshoff’s favorite personal sailboat, ALERION. Today Brooklin Boat Yard has joined with Sanford Boat to bring the Alerion Class Sloop to a broader audience.

Alfie Sanford, owner of Sanford Boat says, “In 1977 we built the shoal-draft Alerion Class Sloop to be the world’s finest sailboat. She was a gamble that discerning sailors would prefer their favorite boat to be beautifully constructed of wood, if only she could be made to last without a ridiculous amount of maintenance.

“This gamble paid off for the lucky few — about 80 souls — that have owned the Alerion Class Sloop. We sent our first 21 boats out across the country from Maine to Florida to Michigan to Texas. The they started coming back to Nantucket second hand so that today 25 of then 29 boats are ported here. Steve White [of Brooklin Boat Yard] and I believe it is time to reacquaint sailors beyond Nantucket with this wonderful boat.

“Forty years of experience with the Alerion Class Sloops have taught us four things:
“Alerion Class Sloop owners keep their boats, half are either originally owned or have had one owner for more than 30 years;
“Alerion Class Sloops hold their value. 35 year old boats are selling at 70% of new builds;
“Alerion Class Sloops are easy to maintain — even the oldest boats in Nantucket are in like-new condition;
“Alerion Class Sloop owners sail more and at considerably less expense than their friends who daysail their cruising boats that they no longer cruise.”

Steve White, owner of Brooklin Boat Yard, says of his new venture, “I have wanted to build a production boat for some time now. With a production boat we can gives our customer three big advantages: The customer knows he is buying a proven boat that has been tried and tested, she or he knows the price and delivery, and all she or he has to do is write the check.

“We at the yard, know we can deliver a superior product without any unpleasant surprises. The Alerion Class Sloop is a proven boat — her design, construction and pedigree have been well established. She will reflect well on Brooklin Boat Yard.”


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