Brooklin Boat Yard is very pleased to announce that working in conjunction with designer Jim Taylor we will begin construction of a new 49′ Spirit of Tradition Cruiser / Racer starting in early to mid-summer 2013. This is now the second time Brooklin Boat Yard has teamed up with designer Jim Taylor, the first collaboration being the highly successful Eggemoggin 47 LARK launched in 2012. For some details and insight into this next BBY / JT project read below Jim Taylor’s thoughts on it’s design and construction.

“Lively performance, handsome aesthetics, a comfortable cockpit, and ample stability are all priorities in this new design for an enthusiastic repeat customer of Brooklin Boatyard.  The boat will be day cruised and singlehanded routinely, and raced occasionally.  She will not often be taken offshore or on extended cruises, so her interior is focused on comfortable and attractive social spaces rather than on the cargo carrying capacity for passage making. Above the waterline, the long, graceful overhangs, sweeping sheerline, and small counter stern all reflect a classic style. At the same time, below the waterline and aloft, the focus is on contemporary performance, with hull, appendage, and rig detailing that is state of the art.”

“The hull and deck are constructed from the cold molded wood for which Brooklin Boatyard is so justifiably famous.  The hull is an artful combination of Alaskan and western red cedars, and the deck boasts a handsome and traditional teak overlay.  The stem and backbone are laminated Alaskan cedar.  The various laminations are bonded with epoxy resins throughout. The keel loads are supported and distributed by a grid of laminated keel floors that are capped with unidirectional carbon fiber. Cold molded wood construction not only results in high strength and toughness vs. weight, (wood has been under development as a successful engineering material for millions of years, after all!), but it also provides very impressive acoustic and thermal insulation, and the latter is especially important in the cold water Maine. The interior is finished in a classic ‘Herreshoff’ style, trimmed with bright work highlights that is are Brooklin Boatyard trademark.”

“Light weight construction allows a high ballast/displacement ratio, which combined with a carbon rig, provides ample stability to support a generous sailplan. The boat will be day cruised and singlehanded with a self-tacking jib, but raced most often with a genoa.  A ‘socked’ asymmetrical spinnaker, and modern, sophisticated deck hardware (including an electric main halyard winch) allow a shorthanded crew to handle the rig with ease and confidence. The jib furler and backstay adjuster are both located below to keep the deck clear and the look clean. Her long ends give her generous deck area and gear locker volume.”

“Long sailing length and narrow beam will give this design a meter boat feel, with low drag and an especially comfortable motion in a seaway. Her low wetted area and large rig reflect her emphasis on rewarding performance in light air New England. Her deep, high aspect ratio appendages feature ample profile area, to provide a ‘user friendly’ groove even when downspeed or in sloppy sea conditions. Her unusual combination of classic style with contemporary performance will set her apart from (and usually far ahead of!) everything else on the water.”