Wheeler 38

Wheeler 38 on the water

The Wheeler 38 commissioned by the Wheeler Yacht Company is a replica of Hemingway’s renowned PILAR, reverse engineered by Bill Prince Yacht Design.

There is perhaps no better synthesis of boat-building history and modern technology than the new Wheeler 38. Like her famous predecessor she’s crafted from wood, but using completely modern epoxy cold-molded construction techniques not available in the early 20th century. This makes her mahogany hull and cabin immensely strong and incredibly beautiful. The custom interior is an idyllic place to spend a weekend away, or simply kick back with a good book.

While she looks like history, the new Wheeler 38 bristles with high technology under her svelte skin. From the incredibly strong cold-molded epoxy hull and deck construction to iPad and iPhone control of most onboard systems, this is an heirloom-quality yacht for the ages.

Modern, quiet, clean diesels run the boat efficiently at speeds up to 30 knots. Air conditioning, autopilot, Sub-Zero refrigeration and the latest touch-screen marine electronics reside out of sight but available in an instant. There is no other yacht of her size available today which combines the famous Wheeler’s timeless elegance with such well-integrated luxuries.

Every inch of the new PILAR has been reverse-engineered to the highest standards, employing sophisticated techniques used in the development of the world’s finest custom yachts.

The Wheeler 38 is available for purchase from the Wheeler Yacht Company. Contact them directly for more information.