Joel White Yacht Designs

Joel White (1930–1997) was the founder of Brooklin Boat Yard, as well as one of the 20th century’s most renowned yacht designers. Brooklin Boat Yard has an exhaustive library of Joel’s designs ranging from prams to yachts. We’ve built many of his designs, and we’ve used many as the basis for new yacht concepts developed and built for our customers.

We’ll continue to add more of Joel’s designs to this library as we work to digitize them and generate renderings. Please check back regularly, and contact us if there’s a specific design you’d like to see.

We’re certain Joel’s designs will continue to inspire our customers. We hope his concepts stir ideas in your mind and encourage you to contact us about your vision for your perfect yacht.

Sweet Olive

Joel’s design #37, Sweet Olive, was built as a cruising yacht and launched in 1989. Despite being designed as a cruiser, her light displacement and hull form would make her an excellent racer.

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Joel White Design #50

One of the design office’s favorites from the archives, this 62’ sloop was designed in 1994 by Joel White, never made it to production. Design #50, she is based on a balance of simplicity and performance, resulting in a slender hull, with striking lines.

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Center Harbor 31

The idea behind GRACE, the first boat of Joel White’s “Center Harbor” series, was to update L. Francis Herreshoff’s QUIET TUNE to improve her performance and make use of Brooklin Boat Yard’s skill at cold-molded construction. She’d have the same short-ended hull with low freeboard and low trunk cabin, but a fin keel and spade rudder would give her modern performance and handling.

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Eggemoggin 45

The Eggemoggin 45 is based on an unrealized design from the Joel White archives. Inspired by Ray Hunt’s STINGRAY, Joel drew this boat as an express cruiser with a turn of speed. While at first glance it would be easy to mistake her for a classic, her advanced hull gives the performance expected from a modern yacht.

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42′ Joel White Power Cruiser

Please see our listing on YachtWorld for more information and pictures. Contact us to discuss customization or view more powerboat designs. Year:, 2014 Current...

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Launched:, 1994 DESIGNER:, Joel White LOA:, 74ft 0in LWL:, 59ft 0in BEAM:, 15ft 0in DRAFT:, 7ft 6in DISP:, 62000 lbs SAIL AREA:, 1800 sq ft SA/D RATIO:, 18.7...

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