You Can’t Get There From Here

In early August when Sailing Anarchy’s editor tried to journey to Brooklin, Maine, from San Diego, he had flight delay issues that wouldn’t allow him to make the event. The plan was to race AURORA in the famed Eggemoggin Reach Regatta and its two feeders. Here’s how the weekend went.

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SARACEN is a Dutch Lemsteraak (shallow draft, gaff-rigged, leeboard sloop), a vessel not often seen on this side of the Atlantic but hugely popular in the Netherlands where they were once work horses of the coastal economy transporting goods and people and are now cruised and raced as coveted classics.

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60′ Express Runabout

A continuation of the Sport Boat also featured on the design page, this high-speed, express cruiser packs a lot into its elegant and sleek body. The hull, designed by Michael Peters, provides a fast and comfortable ride, all with a striking appearance.

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Brooklin Boat Yard is a custom yacht builder, yacht designer, Maine boat yard, and brokerage. Brooklin Boat Yard specializes in new construction of custom yachts (power & sail) and restoration of classic yachts, particularly wooden boats — both wood-composite and plank-on-frame. Our team also services and stores yachts in Eggemoggin Reach.

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