Yacht Design by Brooklin Boat Yard

Brooklin Boat Yard has maintained an active design office since its inception in 1960. BBY founder Joel White designed a wide variety of boats during his lifetime, from small dinghies for amateur construction to luxury yachts, both power and sail.

Following White’s passing, the reins of the design office were then taken over by Robert Stephens for many years, who — along with partner Paul Waring — has since formed the independent firm of Stephens Waring Yacht Design. Today the design office is staffed by Keith Dibble and Will Sturdy who are supported by project managers Brian Larkin and Eric Blake.

We provide complete design services from concept to finished product both for new designs and refits. Being so closely integrated with the construction side of the yard provides many advantages and streamlines both the design and building process.

Along with the designs of Joel and other in-house designers, new boats built at Brooklin Boat Yard have come from the drawing boards of some of the world’s leading yacht designers including Jim Taylor, Sparkman & Stephens, Dieter Empacher, Alden Yacht Design, Germán Frers, and Botin Partners.

The on-site design office has played an integral part in support of every project, including those designed by other firms. We provide varying levels of design services ranging from lofting to complete sets of detail and shop support drawings. Having qualified designers on-site is a tremendous resource for all the projects taken on by Brooklin Boat Yard.